Achirus achirus

Common Name

Drab Sole

Year Described

Linnaeus, 1758


Dorsal Fin: 59-68
Anal Fin: 43-51
Pectoral Fin: 3-4 (on eyed side)
Pelvic Fin: 5

Body deep and elliptical. Foramen in the branchial septum. Patches of cirri present on body.


Medium to dark brown with several thin black crossbands. These bands are often indistinct laterally. Dark spots and large blotches are variably expressed on the eyed side. Fins indistinctly marked to spotted. The blind side is pale.


Maximum size to 37cm TL.


Shallow waters (<20m) over soft bottoms. Frequently enters low salinity waters.


Northern South America: Venezuela to NE Brazil.


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