Alepocephalus australis

Common Name

Southern Smoothhead

Year Described

Barnard, 1923


Dorsal Fin: 16-19
Anal Fin: 17-19
Pectoral Fin: 9-13
Pelvic Fin: 7-8
Lateral Line Scales:
Gill Rakers: 20-27 (total)
Pyloric Caeca:

Body elongate with a very large head. Eyes similar in size to snout and placed far forward on the head. Rear margin of jaw ends at the middle or posterior margin of orbit. Dorsal fin origin about even with anal fin. Pectoral and pelvic fins small.


Black to dark brown, with a slightly darker head.


Maximum size to 60cm SL.


Epibenthic or demersal from 1,000-2,600m over soft bottoms.


Poorly known: 39° to 10° N in the North Atlantic. Known from the Bear Seamount region.


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