Conocara salmoneum

Common Name

Salmon Smoothhead

Year Described

Gill & Townsend, 1897


Dorsal Fin: 17-19
Anal Fin: 25-27
Pectoral Fin: 10-12
Pelvic Fin:
Gill Rakers: <3 (total on upper limb of first arch), 12-13 in lower limb
Pyloric Caeca: 2
Vertebrae: 51-53
Branchiostegal Rays: 5

Body moderately elongate and slender, with a large head. Eyes smaller than snout length. Premaxilla forms a plate-like visor. Teeth present on premaxilla, dentary, and palatine, but not on maxilla or vomer. Rear margin of jaw extends to middle of orbit. A single supramaxilla above maxilla. Dorsal fin origin far behind anal fin origin (anal fin slightly larger). Pectoral and pelvic fins fairly small. Scales absent on head. Body scales very small. A fleshy fold on dorsum and on the dorsal/ventral caudal peduncle.


Uniformly dark brown.


Maximum size to over 73cm SL.


Benthopelagic from 2,400-4,200m.


Known from a few records around the Lesser Antilles and one from the N. Gulf of Mexico. Probably widespread in the deep tropical Atlantic.


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