Einara edentula

Common Name

Toothless Smoothhead

Year Described

Alcock, 1892


Dorsal Fin: 23-29
Anal Fin: 30-35
Pectoral Fin: 9-12
Pelvic Fin: 5-6
Gill Rakers: 20-24 (total in first arch)
Vertebrae: 54-56 total

Body moderately elongate and slender, with a very large head. Eyes placed far forward on head. Eye diameter about equal to snout length. Snout pointed with a straight forehead profile. Rear margin of jaw extends beyond posterior margin of orbit. Teeth minute. Dorsal fin origin slightly posterior to anal fin origin (anal fin slightly longer). Pectoral and pelvic fins very small. Pectoral fin short and fan-like. Scales moderate.


Anterior half of body dark blue-black, becoming dark gray posteriorly.


Maximum size to 18cm SL.


Mesopelagic from 700-1,200m.


Northwestern Atlantic: off George's Bank


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