Talismania antillarum

Common Name

Antillean Smoothhead

Year Described

Goode & Bean, 1896


Dorsal Fin: 19-22
Anal Fin: 20-22
Pectoral Fin: 15-16
Pelvic Fin: 7-9
Lateral Line Scales: 45
Gill Rakers: 30 (total on first arch)
Branchiostegal rays: 7
Pyloric Caeca:
Vertebrae: 16-17 precaudal, 28-31 caudal

Body moderately slender and elongate, with a large head. Eyes slightly larger than snout. Snout long and pointed (7-10% SL). Premaxiila, maxilla, dentary, palatine, and vomer with teeth (vomer sometimes lacking teeth). Two supramaxilla above maxilla. Rear margin of jaw extends slightly beyond anterior margin of orbit. Dorsal fin directly over anal fin. Pectoral and pelvic fins small. Upper pectoral ray not thickened and filamentous. Caudal fin deeply forked with extended tips. Body and head with scales.


Uniformly brownish.


Maximum size to 15cm SL.


Benthopelagic from 455-1,460m.


Scattered records from the N. Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, Colombia, Nicaragua, and the Antilles.


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