Bathytroctes oligolepis

Common Name

Oddscale Smoothhead

Year Described

Krefft, 1970


Dorsal Fin: 14-16
Anal Fin: 13-14
Pectoral Fin: 10-11
Pelvic Fin: 7
Transverse Scale Rows:
Gill Rakers: 6+1+19
Branchiostegal Rays:
Pyloric Caeca:
Vertebrae: 41-43

Body moderately elongate and slender, with a large head. Eyes larger than snout length. Teeth present in a single row in upper and lower jaws. Rear margin of jaw extends to the posterior margin of orbit. Two supramaxilla above maxilla. Dorsal fin origin anterior to anal fin origin. Pectoral fins fairly large. Scales absent on head. Body scales moderate.


Body uniformly brown.


Maximum size to 32cm TL.




One record from off the northeastern tip of Brazil.


Matheus Maia de Souza Pereira. 2015. Diversidade e distribuição geográfica das espécies de Alepocephaloidei (Teleostei: Argentiniformes) na Zona Econômica Exclusiva do Brasil. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Unpublished Masters thesis.