Ammodytes marinus

Common Name

Lesser Sand-eel

Year Described

Raitt, 1934


Dorsal Fin: 56-63
Anal Fin: 29-33
Pectoral Fin: 11-15
Gill Rakers:
Vertebrae: 65-75
Lateral Plicae: 140-150


Brilliant silvery, darker blue-black above.


Maximum size to 25cm SL.


Inshore and offshore on soft bottoms from 10-150m.


Arctic: possibly off S. Greenland


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Nizinski, M.S. , Collette, B.B., and B.B. Washington. 1990. Separation of two species of sand lances, Ammodytes americanus and A. dubius, in the western north Atlantic. United States Fish and Wildlife Service Fishery Bulletin v. 88 (no. 2): 241-255.

Other Notes

Nizinski et al. (1990) found that there are Ammodytes referrable to A. dubius from off Greenland, but also an inshore population with meristics slightly different from A. dubius and closer to A. americanus. Since A. marinus has been reported from Greenland, and it’s counts broadly overlap the other species, it is quite possible that A. marinus occurs off Greenland. It is also possible that A. marinus is conspecific with A. americanus and that species ranges northward to Greenland. Further study is needed, especially a genetic study.