Springeria longirostris

Common Name

Longnose Legskate

Year Described

Bigelow & Schroeder, 1962


Disk broad and spade-shaped, with an extremely long snout (24-30% TL). The snout tip is filamentous. Pectoral fin origin at about 80% SL. Eyes close together. Mouth moderately arched with 24-28 rows of teeth. Pelvic fins completely divided into anterior and posterior sections; the anterior part long and limb-like and the posterior part small and attached to the pectoral fin. Slender tail lacks dorsal fins but has lateral folds, and has a small caudal fin (divided by vertebral column), and is 42% of TL. Body naked except for small alar patches in males.


Purplish-gray dorsally with the rostral filament black. Area on either side of rostrum semi-transparent. Belly pale gray.


Maximum size to 74.5cm TL.


Deep continental shelf waters from 520-1052m over soft bottoms.


Northern Gulf of Mexico, Cuba, the Bahamas, and the Antilles.


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