Aphyonus gelatinosus

Common Name

Gelatinous Blindfish

Year Described

Günther, 1878


Dorsal Fin: 92-118
Anal Fin: 61-78
Pectoral Fin: 17-20
Pelvic Fin: 1
Caudal Fin: 6-8
Gill Rakers: 11-14 (3-4 long rakers)
Vertebrae: 77-87 (28-33 precaudal, 49-54 caudal)

Elongate, relatively slender, and translucent, with loose gelatinous skin. Head very large with blunt snout. Mouth horizontal; extending well past eye. Eye tiny and embedded under skin. Premaxillary and dentary with small teeth. 3-7 fangs on vomer. Pseudobranchs present. Penis partially covered by a hood and one clasper. Dorsal fin origin far forward (<25.0-30.5% SL). Dorsal and anal fins continuous with caudal fin.


Body translucent white with pinkish musculature, and brown pigment on the peritoneum and the genital area.


Adults range from 62-147mm SL.


Deep benthic waters from 914-2560m.


Known from off the E. U.S., the Gulf of Mexico, the S. Caribbean Sea and off E. Brazil.


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