Meteoria erythrops

Common Name

Meteor Blindfish

Year Described

Nielsen, 1969


Dorsal Fin: 48-50
Anal Fin: 34
Pectoral Fin: 13-15
Pelvic Fin: absent
Caudal Fin: 8
Gill Rakers: 9 (poorly developed on first arch)
Vertebrae: 68-70 (39-41 precaudal)

Elongate and translucent, with loose gelatinous skin. Head large and flattened; only slightly broader than body. Snout squared off. Eyes tiny and dark but buried under the skin. Jaws, palatine, and vomer with small teeth but no fangs. Caudal region (post-anus) of the body very short (<30% SL). Pseudobranchs not developed. Body scaleless.


Skins translucent with underlying tissue pale in color. The peritoneum and pectoral fin base is speckled with dark pigment. The area around the eyes is red-brown. The liver is brown.


The only known adult is 63mm SL.


Bentic at abyssal depths (4540-5320m).


Known from 3 specimens in the central (35 degrees W) and eastern Atlantic.


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