Nybelinella erikssoni

Common Name

Eriksson's Blindfish

Year Described

Nybelin, 1957


Dorsal Fin: 86
Anal Fin: 52-53
Pectoral Fin: 23-25
Pelvic Fin: 1
Caudal Fin: 8
Gill Rakers: 24-25
Vertebrae: 76-78 (40 precaudal)

Elongate, relatively slender, and translucent, with loose gelatinous skin. Head large and broader than the body. Caudal region short (<40% of SL). Eyes apparent but deeply buried in skin. Dentary, jaw, and vomer with teeth but no fangs. Pseudobranchs not developed. Dorsal and anal fins continuous with caudal fin.


Body translucent, pale brown. Dark pigment only apparent around the eye and on the peritoneum, which is speckled dorsally.


Specimens range from 70-75mm SL.


Pelagic or near the bottom at abyssal depths (4820-5300m).


Known from the central Atlantic between Africa and Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. Reported from the Caribbean Sea (Anderson et al., 1985).


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