Bathyraja brachyurops

Common Name

Broadnose Skate

Year Described

Fowler, 1910


Nuchal median thorns: 1-4
Tail median thorns: 16-20

Disk diamond shaped and quite smooth (rarely a few prickles on anterior disk margin, the midline, tail, and around the orbits). Median thorn row not continuous between trunk and tail. Snout relatively short with slightly convex anterior margins. Anterior margin of pectoral fins concave. No ocular or scapular thorns. Alar thorns number 20-22. Dorsal fins are separated by an interdorsal thorn. Claspers relatively short and stout. Teeth are conical and sharp.


Dorsum medium to dark brown with numerous small black spots/ocelli and more scattered larger pale spots. A large pale ocellus usually present on the posterior pectoral base. Edges of disk and rostral margins can purplish brown or body colored. Fins and tail similarly marked with spots. Tail faintly banded. Ventral side whitish to pale blue with no dark markings.


Maximum disk width to 85cm.


Collected on the continental shelf from 59-500m (usually between 100-200m). Larger specimens are found in deeper water.


Southwest Atlantic: Argentina to Tierra del Fuego and the Falkland Is. Also in the SE Pacific.


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