Bathyraja cousseauae

Common Name

Joined-fin Skate

Year Described

Díaz de Astarloa & Mabragaña, 2004


Nuchal median thorns: 3-6
Tail median thorns: 17-18

Disk diamond shaped with numerous prickles on the disk, interorbital area, tail, pelvic lobes, and dorsal fins. Median thorn row continuous. Snout short (17-18% of disk width) with slightly convex anterior margins. Anterior margin of pectoral fins concave. Prickles becoming more sparse with size. Two rostral thorns, two on shoulder, and 4-6 between shoulder and pectoral base. No ocular or scapular thorns. Dorsal fins are positioned close to the end of the tail and are very close together. There is no thorn between the dorsal fins. Claspers slender. Upper jaw with 29-31 tooth rows.


Upper disk dark brown with a conspicuous pale ocellus on the posterior edge of the pectoral fin. Other dark blotches variably expressed. There is a regular pattern of round dark spots on the entire dorsum, mixed occasionally with paler spots. The thorns are whitish. Sides of snout slightly translucent. Fins dark brown, except for the whitish anterior pelvic lobe. Tail with faint crossbands. Underside whitish except for brown pigment on the posterior pelvic and pectoral margins, and on the bottom of the tail.


Adults range from 41-86cm TL and 28-72cm disk width.


A deepwater skate caught between 119-397m on the upper continental slope.


Southwest Atlantic: from northern Argentina to Tierra del Fuego and the Falkland Is. Also found in the SE Pacific off Chile.


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