Bathyraja macloviana

Common Name

Patagonian Skate

Year Described

Norman, 1937


Nuchal median thorns: continuous with median row
Tail median thorns: 21-28

Disk diamond shaped with occasional coarse prickles, especially on the anterior and margins of disk (prickles in median area and tail). Median thorn row continuous between trunk and tail. Tail median thorn row flanked with two stripes of strong spinules. Snout relatively short with slightly convex anterior margins. Anterior margin of pectoral fins concave. Two robust ocular thorns. One scapular thorn present. Alar thorns number 17-20. Midline of area between dorsal fins with interdorsal thorn. Claspers long and narrow with slightly enlarged tips. Teeth are conical and sharp.


Upper disk dark brown to gray with a reticulate pattern of dark markings and spots and occasional diffuse whitish blotches and spots. There are sometimes 2-4 ocelli on the pectoral fins. Underside uniformly whitish.


Maximum size to 58cm DW.


Caught on the continental shelf from 113-389m (usually between 150-200m).


Southwest Atlantic: Uruguay to Argentina and the Falkland Islands.


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