Bathyraja multispinis

Common Name

Multispine Skate

Year Described

Norman, 1937


Nuchal median thorns: continuous with median row
Tail median thorns: 40-45

Disk diamond shaped and quite smooth (prickles on anterior disk margin, the midline, and tail). Median thorn row continuous between trunk and tail. Snout relatively short with slightly convex anterior margins. Anterior margin of pectoral fins concave. Ocular thorns absent. One scapular thorn. Alar thorns number ?. Dorsal fins are separated by an interdorsal thorn. Claspers long and narrow. Teeth are flat and plate-like.


Upper disk dark brown to gray with a desne peppering of dark and whitish spots. Occasional dark blotches present at base of pectoral fin. Tail not obviously banded with white. Underside of disk and tail mostly whitish with few dark markings.


Maximum size to 98cm DW.


Caught on the continental shelf from 72-845m (mostly between 200-350m). Larger specimens are found at greater depths. A specialized crustacean feeder, and the teeth are different from other sympatric members of the genus.


Southwest Atlantic: Uruguay to Argentina and the Falkland Islands. Also the SE Pacific off Chile.


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