Bathyraja schroederi

Common Name

Whitemouth Skate

Year Described

Krefft, 1968


Nuchal median thorns: None in adults
Tail median thorns: 16-24 (up to 45 in juveniles extending onto trunk)

Disk diamond shaped and smooth (no thorns around eyes). Median thorn row restricted to tail in adults. Median thorns not flanked by rows of additional thorns. Tail long and slender. Snout relatively short with a convex edge. Anterior margin of pectoral fins concave. Ocular and scapular thorns absent. Alar thorns number 20. Interdorsal thorn present and robust. Claspers long and narrow with enlarged tips. Teeth are conical and sharp.


Upper disk pale brown to cream with no markings. Underside strikingly dark gray all over.


Maximum size to 128cm TL.


Caught in very deep water around the Falklands: around 1900m. Elsewhere at depths from 500-3000m.


Southwest Atlantic: Argentina to Chile. One record from the Falkland Islands.


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