Bathyraja spinicauda

Common Name

Spinytail Skate

Year Described

Jensen, 1914


Nuchal median thorns: none
Tail median thorns: 21-26

Disk diamond shaped with skin quite rough with denticles. Median thorn row restricted to tail. Tail median thorn row flanked with lateral finfolds and scattered large denticles. Snout long, with slightly concave anterior margins. Anterior margin of pectoral fins concave. Ocular and scapular thorns absent. Alar thorns in a curved band. Usually a single interdorsal thorn. Dorsal fins very close together. Pelvic fins strongly notched. Tail shorter than disk. Claspers long and slender. Teeth are conical and sharp (33).


Dorsum uniformly pale brown to grey, without any markings. Ventrum white with grayish disk edges and blotches.


Maximum size to 182cm TL.


A mainly deepwater species found between 140-1650m on soft bottoms.


Northwestern Atlantic: Greenland and Arctic Canada to New England, including offshore seamounts.


Last, P.R., White, W.T., Carvalho, M.R. de, Séret, B., Stehmann, M.F.W & Naylor, G.J.P (Eds.). 2016. Rays of the World. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne.

Other Notes

The only described species of Bathyraja from the cold northwestern Atlantic besides the very different looking, robust B. richardsoni. The similar B. pallida from the northeastern Atlantic may eventually be discovered on deep seamounts in the region.