Opsanus phobetron

Common Name

Scarecrow Toadfish

Year Described

Walters & Robins, 1961


Dorsal Fin: III, 24-26
Anal Fin: 20-22
Pectoral Fin: 17-19
Pelvic Fin: I, 2
Lateral Line: 24-29 upper, 19-24 lower
Vertebrae: 10 precaudal, 22-24 caudal

Head narrow, with interorbital distance less than width of orbit. Pectoral fin with 6-13 glands. Axillary pore present behind pectoral fin.


Entire inside of mouth, gill cover, gill arches, tongue, gill rakers, and inner lining of swimbladder black (unique in genus). Body pale brown with several very irregular dark brown body bars with numerous irregular whitish spots and blotches. Belly pale. A dark bar under rear eye. Pectoral and caudal fins whitish with dark bands. Dorsal and anal fins with oblique dark bands running posteriorly.


Maximum size to 215mm SL.


Shallow benthic.


Northern Bahamas to northwestern Cuba.


Walters, V. & C.R. Robins. 1961. A new toadfish (Batrachoididae) considered to be a glacial relict in the West Indies. American Museum Novitates No. 2047: 1-24.