Ogilbichthys longimanus

Common Name

Longfin Coralbrotula

Year Described

Møller, Schwarzhans, & Nielsen, 2004


Dorsal Fin: 70-79
Anal Fin: 55-64
Caudal Fin: 15-16
Pectoral Fin: 17-20
Vertebrae: 40-43
Gill Rakers: 3-4
Lateral Line: 17 dorsal, and 27 lateral neuromasts

Diagnosed by: anterior nostril close to upper lip; lower anterior gill arch with uninterrupted long rakers. 3-4 long gill rakers. Eyes small (1.9-2.9% SL) but distinct. Dentary with large teeth posteriorly. Three pairs of pseudoclaspers with the inner pair connected to the isthmus. Anterior inner pseudoclasper submerged. Outer pseudoclasper wing-like without a knob at top of inner face. Isthmus between pseudoclaspers wide. Three posterior infra-orbital pores, one upper preopercular pore, and three lower preopercular pores. Opercular spine free. Two pseudobranchial filaments. Pectoral fin relatively long (>16% SL). Predorsal area, abdomen, and outer pectoral base scaled. Scales on cheek with 3 rows dorsally and 3 rows ventrally (Møller et al., 2004).


Color in life unknown. In alcohol, light brown with paler fins.


Specimens range from 33-73mm SL.


Shallow coral reefs from 0-15m.


Caribbean Sea: so far known from the Bahamas, the Cayman Is., and N. Haiti.


Møller, P. R., W. Schwarzhans & J. G. Nielsen. 2004. Review of the American Dinematichthyini (Teleostei: Bythitidae). Part I. Dinematichthys, Gunterichthys, Typhliasina and two new gerera. aqua, Journal of Ichthyology and Aquatic Biology v. 8 (no. 4): 141-192.