Bythites fuscus

Common Name

Arctic Brotula

Year Described

Reinhardt, 1837


Dorsal Fin: 88-95
Anal Fin: 66-70
Pectoral Fin: 29-31
Caudal Fin: 10-13
Vertebrae: 52-53 total
Gill Rakers: 0 (developed), rest knobs
Branchiostegal Rays: 7

Body short and robust. Tail tapering. Head very large. No circumorbital pores. Two pairs of pores on mandible. Mouth large. Teeth present on jaws, palatine, and vomer. Opercular spine covered in skin. Dorsal fin near mid-body. Anal fin behind dorsal origin. Dorsal and anal fins continuous with tail. Pelvic fin jugular, with one ray. Pectoral fin fanlike with a short peduncle. Body fully scaled. Head not scaled.


Uniformly brown in color.


Maximum size is 146mm SL.


Deep benthic or benthopelagic from 526-531m.


Known only from off Greenland and the Canadian Arctic (Davis St.).


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