Diplacanthopoma brachysoma

Common Name

Twospine Brotula

Year Described

G√ľnther, 1887


Dorsal Fin: 132
Anal Fin: 98
Pectoral Fin: 24
Caudal Fin: 8
Vertebrae: 19 precaudal

Body tadpole-shaped with tapering tail. Snout bluntly rounded. Head flattened over mouth. Eyes medium. Anterior nostril tube shaped right above lip on snout. Rear nostril a pit. Head pores present. Mouth large and slightly oblique. Teeth in jaws and on vomer. Palatine teeth present. Spine present on opercle but buried in skin. A second spine lower on opercle faces downward. A skin flap above opercle bearing a single pore. Pectoral fin peduncle short with long rays. Pelvic fin consists of 2 filamentous rays. Dorsal and anal fin continuous with tail. Entire body scaled. Head and fins naked.


Body dark brown to gray. Lips and ridges on head paler. Fins dark with lighter margins.


Maximum size to 220mm SL.


Benthic on continental shelf and slope (439-752m).


Known from the Gulf of Mexico and off Brazil.


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