Cataetyx laticeps

Common Name

Flathead Brotula

Year Described

Koefoed, 1927


Dorsal Fin: 91-107
Anal Fin: 74-87
Pectoral Fin: 22-29
Caudal Fin: 8-11
Vertebrae: 60-61
Gill Rakers: 3 rakers (first arch)
Branchiostegal Rays: 8-9

Body elongate and tapering to the rear. Anterior head and snout flattened (duck-billed). Anterior nostril tubular and overhangs lips. Rear nostril a pit. Eye fairly small and directed dorsally. Teeth in both jaws, palatine, and vomer. Mouth reaches well beyond eye. Maxilla sunken and overhung by infraorbital area. Lower jaw tip with blunt knob. A strong opercular spine is present. Pectoral fin medium sized and fan shaped with a short peduncle. Dorsal and anal fins are continuous with caudal fin. Pelvic fin a single filamentous ray. Body and head fully scaled. Lateral line double.


Body uniformly dark brown to blue-gray with no markings. Eye bluish. Head pores paler than body.


Maximum size to 68cm TL.


Soft bottoms from 1050-2830m.


Caught off Newfoundland and in the Gulf of Mexico.


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