Trachinotus marginatus

Common Name

Plata Pompano

Year Described

Cuvier, 1832


Dorsal Fin: 6 small spines, followed by I, 20-21
Anal Fin: 2 small spines separate from rest of fin, followed by I, 19-20
Pelvic Fin: I, 5
Gill Rakers:

Body deep and spade shaped, deepest at second dorsal fin base, tapering posteriorly. The head and snout and broadly rounded. Eye small with jaw reching to about the middle of eye. Anterior lobes of dorsal and anal fin are rounded and very pronounced, but generally do not extend far past caudal base when depressed. Pelvic fin small. Tail deeply forked. Anterior half of lateral line undulating; posterior half straight with no scutes. No cuadal grooves or keels present.


Silvery gray, darker gray dorsally, with several dark blotches along lateral line. Pectoral fin and lobes of dorsal, anal, and caudal fins dusky to dark gray.


To 50cm.


Coastal waters near the bottom.


Southwestern Atlantic from Brazil to Argentina


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