Parona signata

Common Name

Parona Leatherjacket

Year Described

Jenyns, 1841


Dorsal Fin: 5-6 spines in first lobe, followed by I, 33
Anal Fin: 2 spines separate from rest, followed by I, 33-41
Pelvic Fin: absent
Gill Rakers:
Vertebrae: 27 total

Diamond-shaped and deep-bodied with a small head and eye. Mouth large, the jaw extending well past posterior margin of eye. Pectoral fin much smaller than head. Spines of first dorsal fin short, with the first one directed anteriorly and embedded in large fish. Anterior lobes of anal and second dorsal raised. Tail deeply forked. Lateral line with undulating anterior portion with around 10 branches perpendicular to the line. Straight posterior portion without scutes. Small cycloid scales on entire body, including chest. Caudal keels absent.


Dark gray dorsally, silvery below. Dark blotch on upper opercle. Conspicuous oval black spot usually present under pectoral fin. Fins usually dusky to dark.


Common to 40cm. Maximum size to 60cm.


Coastal regions in open waters and over soft bottoms.


Southwest Atlantic: S. Brazil to S. Argentina


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