Alosa alabamae

Common Name

Alabama Shad

Year Described

Jordan & Evermann, 1896


Dorsal Fin: 16-20
Anal Fin: 19-22
Pectoral Fin: 15-18
Pelvic Fin: 9
Vertebrae: 55
Scales: 55-60 (transverse rows)
Ventral Scutes: 35-38
Gill Rakers: 41-48 (lower limb first arch)

Cheek and opercular bones not glossy; with obvious mucous pores/canals. Axillary scale of pelvic fin about 3/4 fin length.


Gulf of Mexico: Louisiana to northwestern Florida


Hildebrand, S.F. 1964. Engraulidae and Clupeidae (pp. 152-454). In: Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Mem. Sears Fnd. Mar. Res. 1 (Vol. 3): 1-630.

Other Notes

Similar to Alosa sapidissima, which does not occur in the Gulf of Mexico. Adults of these species can be best separated by gill raker counts.