Alosa pseudoharengus

Common Name


Year Described

Wilson, 1811


Dorsal Fin: 15-19
Anal Fin: 17-21
Pectoral Fin: 13-16
Pelvic Fin: 9-10
Vertebrae: 46-50
Scales: 42-50 (transverse rows)
Ventral Scutes: 30-36
Gill Rakers: 38-43 (lower limb of first arch)

Lower jaw not strongly projecting beyond upper and rises steeply within mouth (forming an obtuse angle with upper jaw margin).


Body gray to green above, grading to silvery on the sides and whitish on the belly. A dark spot often present posterior to the upper opercular edge. Faint dusky stripes follow scale rows on the dorsum. Fins pale to yellowish. Peritoneum pale to dusky.


Nova Scotia to North Carolina.


Hildebrand, S.F. 1964. Engraulidae and Clupeidae (pp. 152-454). In: Fishes of the Western North Atlantic. Mem. Sears Fnd. Mar. Res. 1 (Vol. 3): 1-630.