Brevoortia gunteri

Common Name

Finescale Menhaden

Year Described

Hildebrand, 1948


Dorsal Fin: 17-20
Anal Fin: 20-25
Pectoral Fin:
Pelvic Fin: 7
Vertebrae: 42-44
Lateral Line Scales: 60-77
Ventral Scutes: 27-30
Gill Rakers: 135-150 (lower limb first arch in adults)

Pelvic fin with a straight posterior margin. Innermost rays distinctly shorter than outer rays when fin is depressed.


Maximum size to 27cm SL.


Western Gulf of Mexico: Louisiana to the Bay of Campeche.


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Other Notes

Appears to be allopatric in distribution from closely related B. smithi from the eastern Gulf of Mexico.