Derilissus vittiger

Common Name

Red-striped Clingfish

Year Described

Fraser, 1970


Dorsal Fin: 7 (first rudimentary)
Anal Fin: 7 (first rudimentary)
Pectoral Fin: 26-27
Caudal Fin: 7+7
Vertebrae: 24

Body relatively stout and robust (maximum depth ~3.5 times in SL). Eye relatively small (1.8 times in interorbital width). Incisor teeth trifid. Gill membranes attached to isthmus. Subopercle without a spine. Three of four gill arches with filaments. Fin rays are all unbranched. Pelvic disk well developed and covered in patches of papillae. Patch of papillae in region C not shaped in a V. Fleshy pectoral pad poorly developed. Median fins placed far back on body. Tail truncate.


Body scarlet red with closely set pale pink spots and lines forming a tight reticulate pattern. Sometimes with faint, thin vertical cross-bands. Eye pale with a horizontal red eyeband. There are three paired red lines radiating from eyes: one pair under eye, one pair from rear of eye, and the other pair across the top of the head. A single red line runs from eye to snout. Interspace between red lines paler than body color. Median fins brown grading to scarlet on the edges. Dark red spots on the anterior margin of dorsal and anal fin. Pectoral fin clear.


Holotype measures 18.6mm SL.


Deep rubble areas (67-68m) with abundant coralline algae. Taken in a low relief area of bottom.


Known only from off Venezuela.


Fraser, T.H. 1970. Two new species of the clingfish genus Derilissus (Gobiesocidae) from the western Atlantic. Copeia, 38-42.