Derilissus altifrons

Common Name

Fiveheaded Clingfish

Year Described

Smith-Vaniz, 1971


Dorsal Fin: 8
Anal Fin: 7
Pectoral Fin: 26
Caudal Fin: 7+6 plus 2 upper/lower procurrent

Body stout but relatively elongated (maximum depth 4.3-5 times in SL). Eye relatively large (0.5-0.8 times in interorbital width). Forehead profile almost vertical. Mouth very small. Nostrils tubular and close together. Teeth bifid anteriorly. Gill membranes attached to isthmus. Subopercle without a spine. Three of four gill arches with filaments. Fin rays are all unbranched. Pelvic disk well developed and covered in patches of papillae. Center of anterior disk region C with a patch of ten papillae. Posterior patch in region C V-shaped. Median fins placed far back on body. Tail truncate.


Only known from preserved material which has no coloration visible. Eye darker. Possibly red in life as holotype collected with red coralline algae.


Holotype measures 17.1mm SL.


Trawled at 68-69m on a fairly low relief hardbottom habitat.


Known only from off Dominica.


Smith-Vaniz, W.F. 1971. Another new species of the clingfish genus Derilissus from the western Atlantic (Pisces: Gobiesocidae). Copeia, 291-294.