Ginsburgellus novemlineatus

Common Name

Nineline Goby

Year Described

Fowler, 1950


Dorsal Fin: VII, I, 10-12
Anal Fin: I, 9
Pectoral Fin: 16-18 (usually 17)
Caudal Fin: 17 branched
Gill Rakers:
Vertebrae: 28

Frenum present on snout. Pelvic fins fused into a sucking disk.


Body black with 9 narrow white, electric blue, or turquoise bands. Head pale reddish with numerous tiny melanophores speckled all over. Eye ringed with bright red. Fins translucent; peppered with fine melanophores.


Maximum size to 25mm SL.


Shallow intertidal limestone areas with sea urchins.


Caribbean Sea: so far known from the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, the Antilles, Venezuela, and Colombia


Böhlke, J. E. and C. R. Robins. 1968. Western Atlantic seven-spined gobies, with descriptions of ten new species and a new genus, and comments on Pacific relatives. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia v. 120: 45-174.