Akko dionaea

Common Name

Atlantic Specter Goby

Year Described

Birdsong & Robins, 1995


Dorsal Fin: VII, I,14
Anal Fin: I, 14
Pectoral Fin: 17
Pelvic Fin: I, 5
Scales: ~76 rows
Vertebrae: 11 precaudal, 16 caudal; 27 total

Body very elongate with a small head. Mouth upturned and nearly vertical. Eyes tiny. Teeth strong on premaxilla. Median fins low and long; continuous with caudal fin. Segmented rays with multiple branching. Pectoral fin short and rounded. Pelvic fin fully united. Body with tiny embedded scales up to pectoral axil. Head and pectoral base scaleless. Pterygiophore pattern 3-221110.


Color in life unknown, but mostly pale overall. May have darker pigment on distal fin margins.


Size ranges from 72.5-80.5mm SL.


Found on or in soft mud bottoms (~20m), in high salinity waters under the Amazon plume. May burrow in substrate.


Known only from northeastern Brazil.


Birdsong, R. S. and C. R. Robins. 1995. New genus and species of seven-spined goby (Gobiidae: Gobiosomini) from the offing of the Amazona River, Brazil. Copeia 1995 (no. 3): 676-683.