Bollmannia eigenmanni

Common Name

Shelf Goby

Year Described

Garman, 1896


Dorsal Fin: VII, 11-12 (usually 12)
Anal Fin: 11-13
Pectoral Fin: 19-21
Caudal Fin: 16-17 segmented
Vertebrae: 11+17= 27 total

Body elongate and slightly compressed with a large head. Eye relatively small. Dorsal fin with first four spines elongate (more so in males). Pelvic fins fully united into disk and strong frenum, with a fringed anterior margin of disk. Pelvic fin with fifth ray longest; all rays branched and runs to anus. Caudal fin lanceolate. Two pterygiophores inserted anterior to first haemal spine. Cephalic lateralis canals and pores well developed. Two preopercular pores (all other W. Atlantic Bollmannia have three). Body fully scaled with ctenoid scales (27-29 rows). Nape, pre-dorsal area, pectoral base, and belly with cycloid scales. No modified basicaudal scales.


Known specimens with coloration poorly preserved. Body appears to be pale overall. Existence of blotching unknown. Fin pigmentation not known except for a black blotch on the rear of the first dorsal fin. Most distinctive marking is a dark "moustache" marking on the snout above the upper jaw.


Maximum size to 37mm SL.


Captured on mud bottoms from 36-170m.


Taken in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Florida Keys, and Venezuela.


Van Tassell, J. L., L. Tornabene, & P.L. Colin. 2012. Review of the western Atlantic species of Bollmannia (Teleostei: Gobiidae: Gobiosomatini) with the description of a new allied genus and species. Aqua. 18; 61-94.