Bathygobius soporator

Common Name

Frillfin Goby

Year Described

Valenciennes, 1837


Dorsal Fin: VI,
Anal Fin: I,
Pectoral Fin:
Caudal Rays: 17 upper, 15 lower lobe (all types)
Scale Rows:
Pre-dorsal Scales:

Body of typical shape for the gobies but robust. Eye medium sized; about equal to snout length. Upper jaw usually more than 11% of SL. Pectoral fin extends to rear margin of first dorsal. Upper pectoral rays separate from membrane; bifurcate or multifurcated. Pelvic fins fully fused into disk. Pelvic fins do not reach anus. Caudal fin rounded. Body fully scaled with scales extending forward to level of pre-opercular margin.


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