Psilotris alepis

Common Name

Scaleless Goby

Year Described

Ginsburg, 1953


Dorsal Fin: VII, 9-10 (usually 10)
Anal Fin: 8-9
Pectoral Fin: 15
Caudal Fin: 17 segmented rays
Vertebrae: 11+16= 27 (total)

Body elongate with a large head. Eye medium sized. Dorsal fin with anterior spines not elongate and last two spines more spaced than the first five. Pelvic fin rays branched. Pelvic fins not fused. Two anal-fin pterygiophores anterior to the first haemal spine. Papillae rows 5i and 5s are separate. Cephalic lateralis pores absent. Head and trunk naked. Basicaudal scales absent.


Body pale with several lateral dark reticulations or saddles merging with 5-6 irregular lateral blotches. Anterior markings fuse into a "Y" shape. Dorsum and head heavily dusted with melanophores. Head with to distinct eye-bands running from anterior and posterior margin of eye. Dorsal fin pale with faint oblique banding with heavy speckling on bands. Caudal fin with a faint vertical band and speckling. Other fins with less dense melanophores and no pattern,


Maximum size to 25mm SL.


Inhabits shallow coral reefs in and around substrate.


Scattered records from the Caribbean Sea: the Bahamas, Cuba, the Virgin Islands, and Honduras.


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