Lipogramma regia

Common Name

Royal Basslet

Year Described

Robins & Colin, 1979


Dorsal Fin: XII, 9
Anal Fin: III, 8
Pelvic Fin: I, 5
Pectoral Fin: 17
Caudal Rays: 17 (principal)
Gill Rakers: 14 total
Vertebrae: 10 precaudal, 15 caudal; 25 total
Lateral Scale Rows:

Body stout with pointed snout. Lateral line absent. Preopercular margin smooth. Pelvic fin extends well past anal fin origin when depressed. Outer procurrent caudal rays thickened (3 ventrally and dorsally). Caudal fin emarginate.


Base color pale yellowish to pale bluish with 6 orange-yellow bands on the body. The first two, in the pectoral region, surround a bright white to pale blue area. The first band continues onto the dorsal fin as a submarginal band and the second ends abruptly on the dorsal fin. The third orange-yellow band runs from the anal fin origin (where it runs onto the fin as a submarginal band) to the dorsal fin. The fourth and fifth bands are close together on the posterior body and join to completely encircle a black ocellated spot on the soft dorsal fin. The outer part of the ocellus is white to pale blue and the orange-yellow band forms a second ring around the black spot. The sixth band is on the caudal peduncle. The edges of these bands are often bordered by light blue. The dorsal fin is yellowish otherwise, with a blue margin. The anal and pelvic fins are bluish with orange-yellow spots. The head has three blue lines radiating from the eye, alternating with orange-yellow areas. The eye is yellow and blue.


Maximum size to 25mm.


Deep reef slope from 45-95m.


Scattered records in the Caribbean Sea: Bahamas, Honduras, Puerto Rico.


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