Gurgesiella dorsalifera

Common Name

Onefin Skate

Year Described

McEachran & Compagno, 1980


Disk rhomboidal with a concave anterior margin and convex posterior margin. Snout moderate with stiff rostral cartilage. Tip of snout blunt with a filamentous tab. Pectoral fins with angular tips. Pelvic fin consists of a single lobe with hook-like anterior lobe and scalloped margin. Tail is extremely long and thin. Side of tail with narrow skin folds that broaden at tail tip. A single dorsal fin. Caudal fin with equal lobes bisected by tail. Eyes and mouth large. Jaws with 25-45 tooth rows. Male claspers thin and long.

Body is covered with dermal denticles dorsally. Males have curved alar thorn patch. Ventrum smooth. Thorns present in two bands adjacent to midline and some additional rows on flanks. Thorns when present are more like enlarged dermal denticles and not very obvious.


Dorsum brownish with irregular brown bloches and spots. Tail with 6-8 brown bands. Ventrum pale with brownish disk edging.


Maximum size to 53cm TL.


Known from deep continental slope waters from 400-800m.


Taken from northern and southern Brazil.


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Other Notes

Easily differentiated from other family members by having a single dorsal fin.