Haemulon bonariense

Common Name

Black Grunt

Year Described

Cuvier, 1830


Dorsal Fin: XII, 15-16
Anal Fin: III, 8-9 (usually 8)
Gill Rakers: 18-24 (total on first arch)
Lateral Line Scales: 45-48

Soft dorsal and anal fins almost completely scaled. Scale rows under lateral line oblique to body axis.


Body silvery, becoming dusky to dark on the upper body and head. Horizontal to slightly oblique dark stripes run along body (more or less continuous and not broken up). All fins dusky to black.


Common to 30cm TL. Maximum size to 40cm TL.


Found over soft mud or sandy bottoms and outer reef flats. Mostly in small groups near the bottom.


Southern Gulf of Mexico, off Jamaica, and from Panama to Brazil. Poorly known from the rest of the Caribbean.


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