Haemulon boschmae

Common Name

Bronzestriped Grunt

Year Described

Metzelaar, 1919


Dorsal Fin: XIII-XIV, 11-15 (usually 13-14)
Anal Fin: III, 7-9 (usually 8)
Gill Rakers: 30-36 (total on first arch)
Lateral Line Scales: 49-54

Body moderately elongate with a shallower forehead profile than most Haemulon spp. Soft dorsal and anal fins almost completely scaled. Scale rows under lateral line parallel to body axis. 23-27 scales around caudal peduncle.


Body and head silvery, becoming darker dorsally. A pale yellowish sheen ventrally. Oblique darker and lighter bands along scale rows. Lateral line dark. A dark blotch often present on the base of the tail, especially in smaller fish. Pelvic, pectoral, and anal fins pale yellowish. Dorsal fin and tail dark. Younger fish with several bronze stripes on the dorsal half of the body.


Common to 13cm TL. Maximum size to 20cm TL.


Found over soft bottoms in protected waters (<100m). This species is a plankton feeder that forms schools, often far off the bottom.


Southern Caribbean: Colombia to French Guiana.


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