Haemulon squamipinna

Common Name

Yellowstriped Grunt

Year Described

Rocha & Rosa, 1999


Dorsal Fin: XII, 14-16 (usually 15)
Anal Fin: III, 8-9 (usually 9)
Gill Rakers: 24-27 (total on first arch)
Lateral Line Scales: 50-54

Soft dorsal and anal fins almost completely scaled. Scale rows under lateral line parallel to body axis. Pectoral fin entirely scaled.


Body and head whitish to pale blue, with 3 yellow stripes on the dorsal half of body (midbody stripe the thickest) and several other thinner stripes. All fins except pectoral bright yellow.


Maximum size to 12cm TL.


Coral and rocky reefs from 2-30m. Often forms large schools near the bottom.


Southeastern Brazil


Rocha, L.A. and I.L. Rosa. 1999. New species of Haemulon (Teleostei: Haemulidae) from the northeastern Brazilian coast. Copeia 1999(2):447-452.