Anisotremus moricandi

Common Name

Brownstriped Grunt

Year Described

Ranzani, 1842


Dorsal Fin: XII, 15-17
Anal Fin: III, 9
Gill Rakers: 15-16 (lower limb of first arch)
Lateral Line Scales: 56-58

Body deep with a steeply sloped forehead profile. Mouth small. Soft dorsal and anal fins scaled at base. There are 7-8 scales above the lateral line.


Body dark brown with 5-6 cream to yellow stripes. Light stripes can be thicker to thinner than dark stripes. There is a dark blotch on the caudal peduncle. Two small saddle spots on the upper caudal peduncle in young fish, becoming obscure with age. Head dark brown with a large vertical area of whitish pigment on the opercular flap. There are two pale stripes under eye and a dark blotch on the posterior of the opercle. Pelvic fin dark brown. Other fins medium brown.


Maximum size to 18cm TL.


Inshore bottom dweller.


Southern Caribbean Sea from Panama to Venezuela. Also northeastern Brazil.


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