Boridia grossidens

Common Name

Borriqueta Grunt

Year Described

Cuvier, 1830


Dorsal Fin: XII, 13
Anal Fin: III, 10-11
Gill Rakers:
Lateral Line Scales:

Body oblong with a blunt, projecting snout. Eye placed anteriorly on head. Mouth small. Soft dorsal and anal fins scaleless. A strong notch between spiny and soft dorsal fin. The first two dorsal spines are short. Second anal fin spine strong. The pectoral fins are short.


Body pale gray, becoming darker dorsally. Scales edges dark, forming reticulate pattern. Spiny dorsal fin gray with dark membranes. Soft dorsal and anal fins gray with a black blotch. Caudal and pelvic fins dark posteriorly.


Maximum size to 32cm TL.


Continental waters and estuaries over soft bottoms.


Southwestern Atlantic: S. Brazil to Argentina


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