Halosauropsis macrochir

Common Name

Abyssal Halosaur

Year Described

G√ľnther, 1878


Dorsal Fin: 11-13
Anal Fin:
Pectoral Fin: I, 11-12
Pelvic Fin: I, 9
Lateral Line Scales: 12-16 (to pelvic), 26-32 (to anus)
Branchiostegal Rays: 11-13
Gill Rakers: 15-16 (total on first arch)
Pyloric Caeca: 10-12

Body very elongate and moderately compressed. Scales absent on top of head but present on opercle. Lateral line scales slightly larger than the body scales. Scales above lateral line number 14-16. Scales around belly usually 9. First dorsal ray is long, unbranched, and segmented. Pectoral fin almost reaches dorsal fin.


Body pale to dark brown with darker scale edges. Opercle and head darker brown. The lateral line sheath is darkly pigmented (unlike other halosaurs). The median fins are dark. The interior of the mouth is gray. The pyloric caeca are unpigmented.


Maximum size to 90cm TL.


Benthopelagic from 1,100-3,200m.


Scattered records from Nova Scotia to Cape Hatteras off the eastern U.S. Also off Cuba and in the central Atlantic on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


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