Halosaurus guentheri

Common Name

Gunther's Halosaur

Year Described

Goode & Bean, 1896


Dorsal Fin: 11 (rarely 10)
Anal Fin: 158-209
Pectoral Fin: I, 13-16
Pelvic Fin: I, 9 (sometimes 8 or 10)
Lateral Line Scales: 23-31 (to pelvic), 57-68 (to anus)
Branchiostegal Rays: 11-14
Gill Rakers: 11-13 (total on first arch)
Pyloric Caeca: 7-12

Body very elongate and cylindrical to compressed. Scales present on top of head and opercle. Pterygoid and palatine tooth patch about equal in size. Lateral line scales similar in size to the body scales. Scales above lateral line number 13-17. Scales around belly usually 11 (9-13). First dorsal fin ray long, unbranched, and segmented.


Grayish-white to pale tan, with a reticulated pattern on the body formed by darkened posterior scale margins. Dorsal fin unpigmented. Anal fin pale anteriorly, grading to dark posteriorly. Interior of mouth all black. Pyloric caeca are also black.


Maximum size to 60cm TL.


Benthic from 550-1,600m.


Scattered records from New York to Venezuela, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.


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