Chriodorus atherinoides

Common Name

Hardhead Halfbeak

Year Described

Goode & Bean, 1882


Dorsal Fin: 15-18
Anal Fin: 15-17
Pectoral Fin: 12-14
Pelvic Fin: 6
Lateral Line: 51-55
Gill Rakers: 19-23 (first arch)
Vertebrae: 49-50

Lower jaw not elongate at any size. Pectoral fins short and tips are well short of pelvic fin base. Caudal fin with almost equal lobes.


Body bright silvery with an olive back. Dark streaks or spots often present on scales. Lateral silvery stripe widens under dorsal fin. Fins not pigmented.


Maximum size to 16.4cm TL.


Found close to shore near the surface. Often occurs in low salinity estuaries.


Found off S. Florida, the Bahamas, Cuba, and continental waters from the S. Gulf of Mexico to Belize.


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