Scopeloberyx bannikovi

Common Name

Bannikov's Bigscale

Year Described

Kotlyar, 2004


Dorsal Fin: III, 11
Anal Fin: I, 8
Pectoral Fin: 14
Pelvic Fin: I, 7
Caudal Fin: 9-10 branched, 2-4 procurrent rays
Lateral Scale Rows: 31
Gill Rakers: 15-16
Vertebrae: 25

Head with numerous bony ridges and pits. No post-temporal spines, projecting anterior spines, or raised bony crest on top of head. Preopercle with a notched and spined upper edge. Opercle margin relatively smooth or with weak spination. Gill rakers in first arch relatively few (19 or less). Anal fin origin under the 2-3rd to last dorsal ray. Pectoral fin reaches to last ray of dorsal fin. Pelvic fin origin well behind pectoral fin origin. Body scales large and easily shed.


Uniformly brown with a dark head.


Maximum size to 21.5mm SL (both mature specimens)


Two known specimens collected in midwater from 0-1500m.


Known from the type locality in the Caribbean Sea.


Kotlyar, A. N. 2004. Revision of the genus Scopeloberyx (Melamphaidae). Part 2. Oligorakered species of the group S. robustus. Journal of Ichthyology, v. 44 (no. 9): 677-689.

Other Notes

The only Atlantic member of the oligo-rakered complex of Scopeloberyx similar to S. robustus (Kotlyar, 2004).