Diaphus minax

Common Name

Minax Lanternfish

Year Described

Nafpaktitis, 1968


Dorsal Fin: 13-14
Anal Fin: 13-14
Pelvic Fin: 8
Pectoral Fin: 11
Gill Rakers: 19-20
Lateral Line: 35-36

Body Photophores
PVO: 2 (first at base of pectoral fin; two PVO in almost straight line with first PO)
PO: 5 (first well separated from rest; fourth elevated above level of PVO2; fifth slightly elevated near pelvic base)
VO: 5 (first, second, and third in a steeply ascending line; third almost directly above fourth; first, fourth and fifth in straight line)
SAO: 3 (first over anus above level of VO5; in steep curved line; third more spaced from others right below LL)
AOa: 6 (first elevated over second; last elevated slightly; rest in line)
AOp: 5 (almost a straight line, first posterior to last anal fin ray)
Prc: 4 (curving line; equally spaced; fourth 2-3 times diameter under LL)
PLO: 1 (closer to lateral line than pectoral fin or midway, directly over second PVO)
VLO: 1 (about midway between LL and pelvic fin base)
Pol: 1 (same distance from LL as SAO3; slightly posterior to last AOa)

A very large triangular luminous scale adjacent to PLO (larger than pupil).

Head Photophores
Dn: present on the antero-dorsal part of orbit above nostril; large (around size of nasal organ), rounded and anteriorly directed.
Vn: present on the anterior and antero-ventral part of the orbit; thick and elongate, running from Dn to the ventral part of the orbit, including the rear margin of the nasal organ. Mature adults with similar sized organs. A dark band of tissue surrounds the organ.
Op: 2 (first small behind jaw, second above it is similar in size to a body photophore)


Dark with silvery sheen on scales. Dark pigment between luminous organs on head and around eyes. Fins pale.


Maximum size to 66.5mm.


Midwater pelagic. Caught from 60-125m but distribution most likely wider.

Range Map

 Range Map


So far known from the eastern Gulf of Mexico, off southeastern Florida, and in the southwestern Caribbean Sea.


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