Eptatretus minor

Common Name

Gulf Hagfish

Year Described

Fernholm & Hubbs, 1981


Slime Pores
Prebranchial: 15-18
Branchial: 4-6
Trunk: 41-48
Tail: 11-14
Total: 74-82

Anterior unicusps: 8-11
Posterior unicusps: 8-10
Total cusps: 46-54
Tooth formula: 3/3

Body anguilliform and cylindrical. There are normally six gill openings, but sometimes five. Ventral and caudal finfolds poorly developed.


Body uniformly light brown. Head, pores, and ventrum same as body. Ventral finfold margin, caudal finfold margin, and dorsal midline whitish.


Maximum size to 39.5cm TL.


Found over a mix of hard and soft bottom habitats from 300-472m.


Known from the northern Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana to S. Florida. Also reported from the southeastern coast of the U.S (Ross & Quattrini, 2007).


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