Eptatretus wayuu

Common Name

Wayuu Hagfish

Year Described

Mok, Saavedra-Diaz & Acero P., 2001


Slime Pores
Prebranchial: 24
Branchial: 2
Trunk: 38-40
Tail: 9
Total: 73-75

Anterior unicusps: 7-8
Posterior unicusps: 8-9
Total cusps: 41-43
Tooth formula: 3/2

Body anguilliform and cylindrical. There are five gill openings. Gill openings linear. Branchial ducts tapering to a smaller size posteriorly. Caudal and anal finfolds well developed.


Body and fins pink in life with paler areas around eyespot, pores, and branchial region.


Maximum size to about 22cm TL.


Caught on soft bottoms around 300-306m.


Known from off the Caribbean coast of Colombia.


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Mok, H.-K., L.M. Saavedra-Diaz & A.P. Acero. 2001. Two new species of Eptatretus and Quadratus (Myxinidae, Myxiniformes) from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. Copeia 2001(4): 1026-1033.