Nemamyxine kreffti

Common Name

Atlantic Worm Hagfish

Year Described

McMillan & Wisner, 1982


Slime Pores
Prebranchial: 36-44
Branchial: 0
Trunk: 73-92
Tail: 8-16
Total: 124-148

Anterior unicusps: 5-6
Posterior unicusps: 6-8
Total cusps: 32-38
Tooth formula: 3/2

Body anguilliform, worm-like, and cylindrical. There are eight gill pouches. No branchial pores (present in Eptratretus). Ventral and caudal finfolds well developed.


Body brown with a paler ventrum. Head, ventral finfold, and margins of pores pale.


Maximum size to 49.3cm TL.


Taken on soft bottoms from 80-800m. Caught in shallower water during colder months.


S. Brazil to the La Plata mouth off Argentina.


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Other Notes

The only western Atlantic hagfish with a ventral finfold originating anterior or a the level of the gill apertures.