Notomyxine tridentiger

Common Name

Argentine Hagfish

Year Described

Garman, 1899


Slime Pores
Prebranchial: 17-21
Branchial: 0
Trunk: 57-66
Tail: 8-11
Total: 86-98

Anterior unicusps: 7-8
Posterior unicusps: 8-10
Total cusps: 40-46
Tooth formula: 3/2

Body anguilliform and cylindrical. There are normally six gill pouches. No branchial pores (present in Eptratretus). Ventral and caudal finfold well developed.


Body reddish-brown to blue-gray with a paler ventrum. Mouth, slime pores, gill aperture, and ventral finfold white.


Maximum size to 57.5cm TL.


Found in relatively shallow water from 6-143m.


Patagonia: Argentina to S. Chile


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